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Feb 10, 2015  03:02 PM | Jim Lagopoulos
COBRE Schizophrenia dataset

I am trying to locate the COBRE Schizophrenia dataset. Can someone please point me to the download site. I am registered with fcon and NITRC.

thank you
Feb 10, 2015  08:02 PM | Shukti Ramkiran - RWTH Aachen University
RE: COBRE Schizophrenia dataset
Dec 10, 2015  10:12 PM | mahnaz arjmand - university
RE: COBRE Schizophrenia dataset
i,m researcher.please help me for receive SCZ and ADNI datasets.
Thanks from your help.
Apr 10, 2018  01:04 AM | francesca bottino - pediatric hospital bambino gesu
RE: COBRE Schizophrenia dataset
Hi, I'm interest to downoload the schizofrenia dataset too. Can you tell me when I can find it?
Thank io
Oct 17, 2019  08:10 AM | sandeep karthikeyan - Central Institute of Mental Health
RE: COBRE Schizophrenia dataset
I am registered in both NITRC and 1000 Functional Connectomes Project.

Please share me the link/permission to access the COBRE dataset.

Many thanks!
Oct 23, 2019  10:10 AM | lvdwilt
RE: COBRE Schizophrenia dataset

I am also trying to access the COBRE dataset. I am logged into NITRC and registered with the 1000 Functional Connectomes project, but at the moment I do not have permission. 

Could anyone please help me? 

Kind regards,