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Apr 13, 2015  01:04 PM | Mojdeh Zamyadi
can't use with SPHARM-PDM
Hi all,

I just started using SPHARM-MAT and was going through the tutorial, but I can't successfully run PDM_Fix although I've set the path as mentioned in the tutorial. When I try to run I get the following error: SegPostProcess function does not exist in the PDM directory ...

Can anyone suggest why this is happening?

Thanks a lot,
Oct 4, 2016  06:10 AM | C. Srinidhi Ragunathan - TU Delft
RE: can't use with SPHARM-PDM
I am a new user of SPHARM MAT and I have the same problem. Were you able to resolve the issue ? I use MATLAB version R2015b on a windows 64 bit computer.

Thank you
Oct 4, 2016  06:10 AM | Li Shen - University of Pennsylvania
RE: can't use with SPHARM-PDM
SPHARM_MAT works only with early versions of SPHARM-PDM (before v.1.9), since some function names have been changed in more recent versions of PDM.
Feb 15, 2017  06:02 AM | Shereen Ekhlas - Cairo University
RE: can't use with SPHARM-PDM
SPHARM-PDM doesn't work in windows it works in Linux