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May 20, 2015  06:05 PM | Raphael Casseb
FOV angulation and image conversion
Dear Chris Rorden,

I want to do a STI analysis, but I need to convert my images from dcm to nii.
The issue is that I am using a angulated FOV when acquiring the DTI images. And I was talking to talking to some researches and they all used a non angulated FOV.

So I was wondering if dcm2nii will correct the gradient direction table by the FOV angulation during conversion.

Thank you very much,
All the best,
May 21, 2015  05:05 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: FOV angulation and image conversion
My software SHOULD adjust the gradients appropriately. I strongly suggest you follow the guidelines on the web page to ensure that it works with your setup:
The webpage provides sample datasets from the 3 major vendors that I used for development. However, in theory it is possible that system upgrades or custom sequences may disrupt my method. Please contact me if you do have a dataset that does not pass the test I describe on the web page.