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Jun 4, 2015  02:06 PM | Kaitlin Cassady - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Functional Connectivity Neurofeedback

I am interested in using the example depression data to explore the functional connectivity neurofeedback application. However, I am unsure which files to use for some of the input parameters that are specific to the functional connectivity setting, such as "Corr. map file", "Corr. map file ref", "Region extr. map", and "Region file." Where can I find these files? Also, is there documentation on how to execute this depression data example?

Thank you!
Jun 25, 2015  10:06 AM | Kaitlin Cassady - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
RE: Functional Connectivity Neurofeedback

I just wanted to follow up on this since I haven't had any replies. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Jul 2, 2015  08:07 AM | Neuroinformatics Support
RE: Functional Connectivity Neurofeedback
Hello Kaitlin,

Many thanks for your interest. FRIEND is undergoing a major interface modification that will ease user utilization. A demo data button will fill in the FRIEND GUI with the corresponding parameters. Examples for ROI, connectivity and multi-voxel pattern analysis will be provided. The new version should be ready in about a month. We can send you a beta version if you wish.

Best regards,