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Jun 24, 2015  07:06 AM | Howard Yeh
Error: these files have the same index

I am getting the above error when using dcm2nii. Some relevant info:

DICOM files are generated by a spectroscopy processing program, SIVIC.
It is set up so that SIVIC outputs multiple different DICOM files (for different metabolites peaks, integrals, ratios, etc.) from the same data.
When viewed in SIVIC, these output DICOM files are different. But when converted to NIfTI, these files become identical, likely due to the indexing error.

Is there anything that can be done to convert them correctly?

Jun 25, 2015  06:06 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Error: these files have the same index
 I have not used SIVIC, but my assumption is that you are using the software to derive new images (metabolite peaks, integrals, etc) and then saving the DICOM images using the exact same identifiers as the raw data. This makes the images indistinguishable from the original scans, and is technically a violation of the DICOM standard - a new series number should be assigned to the derived data.
Therefore, I suggest you contact the authors to see if they can fix their software. On the other hand, can I suggest a simple solution - why not put the new derived images in a separate folder (you can sort them by file date to work out the new images from the originals) and then only convert the folder with the new DICOMs. If different derived modalities (peaks, integrals etc) are all saved using the same (raw) series numbers you may need to save these each one at a time and then convert them. If you continue to have problems please send me an email directly.
Jun 25, 2015  07:06 AM | Howard Yeh
RE: Error: these files have the same index
Yeah, the DICOM images are automatically saved using (what I assume to be) the same identifiers as the raw data and into a separate folder. I will let the authors know about this problem. Thanks for the help.