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Oct 15, 2015  12:10 PM | Konstantinos Arfanakis - Illinois Institute of Technology
HOW TO find connectivity of white matter ROI
A HOW TO document explaining how to use the IIT Human Brain Atlas to uncover the pairs of gray matter labels that have connections through a user-defined white matter region of interest (ROI) is now available. For example, when a voxel-wise analysis generates a white matter cluster with significant findings, you can follow the steps described in the HOW-TO document to find out which pairs of gray matter labels have connections that occupy that cluster. The same can be done if the white matter ROI is a section of the IIT white matter skeleton (from TBSS analysis). Similarly you can extract the list of connections located inside any user-defined ROI.  This is done with code that searches through the 4D labels of the white matter atlas, which generates the results fast. For more information see "HOW-TO-extract-pairs-of-GM-labels-with-connections-through-WM-ROI" in the Docs section.