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Aug 12, 2008  06:08 PM | Bennett Landman
Integrated Bug Tracking
Good afternoon,

I am working on porting a framework for Java development from our internal systems to a public, NITRC one. However, we need to deploy a bug tracking system that can be accessed from within the development environment, such as Eclipse and Bugzilla. I’ve heard rumors that NITRC would “soon” be supporting/hosting bugzilla for projects.

My question is: Is this type of bug tracking support imminent or would it be better to go ahead and setup a bug tracking server outside of NITRC? Any hints as to plausible timeframe would be much appreciated.

Aug 13, 2008  08:08 PM | NITRC Moderator
RE: Integrated Bug Tracking

This idea has been bounced around but has not yet been scheduled for implementation. If it is approved, it will likely be a couple of years before it is rolled out. I would recommend using a bug tracker that works for you for the time being and linking out to it from your NITRC project.