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Apr 22, 2016  05:04 PM | Richard Morris
error when displaying design
Hi, I've installed art-2015-10, and am using Matlab 2014b with SPM12. When I try to show design, I get an error "Error using cat
Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent." I think it might be because the design has more than one task regressor (condition). When I try the same thing on another simpler task with only a single task regressor, it displays correctly. Is this a bug?


Apr 22, 2016  11:04 PM | Richard Morris
RE: error when displaying design
I managed to hack a solution to this by editing the art.m file on line 1844

original: names=cat(1,names,SPM.Sess(s).U(:).name);
hacked: names = SPM.Sess(s).U(:).name;

Not sure why that works or whether it breaks multisession analysis, but thought i would note it here in case it helps someone