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May 11, 2016  04:05 PM | Dae Houlihan - MIT
Implicit mask generation error

Two mask related questions. I'm generating a .cfg file that I'm passing to ART and ran into this issue: "Warning. Error encountered during ART implicit-mask file creation. Skipping this step". The odd part is that if I use the slice time corrected functional volumes (a*.nii), everything works fine. But when I use the normalized files (wa*.nii) the implicit mask generation fails. Do you have any idea what could be causing the problem or what I could do to troubleshoot it?

And an unrelated question: the example .cfg file that comes with the toolbox includes the "global_mean: 2" option to specify a user define mask, but I don't see what variable name should I use in the cfg file to specify that mask's path. How should I specify the mask in the cfg file when I set global_mean: 2?

Thanks for the help!