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May 19, 2016  01:05 AM | Vivian Roger Steiger
NKI Phenotypic data Release 1-5
Hi all,

I'm working with the great NKI_RS dataset. Now I was wondering where I can find the (full) phenotypic informations for the release01 - release05.

I found all phenotypic information on COINS for release06-09. The naming convention changed in release06 so that Anonymized ID starts with "A", is that somehow connected to the phenotypic data release?

Thank you for your support

Best wishes,

Jul 2, 2017  11:07 AM | Avi Mendelsohn - University of Haifa
RE: NKI Phenotypic data Release 1-5
Hi Viv,
If you ever received an answer to your question, I'd also be glad to know how to gain access to the phenotpyic information for release01-05.
Best wishes,