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Jun 30, 2016  01:06 PM | Carl Helmick
dcm2niix-5May2016 ignores -o <outdir> flag
The command-line program dcm2niix does not respect the "-o flag. Would it be possible to compile and release a new version of dcm2niix?
Aug 30, 2016  09:08 AM | Niels Focke
RE: dcm2niix-5May2016 ignores -o <outdir> flag
I can confirm this behaviour - the -o flag seems to be ignored by the May05 version (Linux, 64bit). A fix would be appreaciated, since I would like to use this software in a batched/automated way.

Thanks. Niels
Oct 3, 2016  06:10 AM | Benjamin Wagner - UT Southwestern Medical Center
RE: dcm2niix-5May2016 ignores -o <outdir> flag
I hope a fixed release of this will come out soon.  I need the 5 May version for handle some Philips data but also need the -o for batch processing.  If not a release of the whole MRIcroGL maybe just the affected dcm2niix binaries?