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Jul 5, 2016  10:07 AM | Anna Lind Hansen
Not able to load brain masks
Thank you for a very cool program, which I enjoy using in linux. However, I have a lot of problems opening previously made brain masks. I have tried with masks created both in FSLview and ITK snap. The masks are NIFTI (.nii) and I have tried opening them both as VOIs and as overlays. Depending on the type of mask or the opening method I get an error message with no text in, a message that says NII reslise error: datetype not supported, the masks opens but the whole brain is coloured instead of just the VOI or the masks opens as a big square which completely covers the brain. Is there any way I can open the masks I have already created e.g. by converting them to another format or is there another program I can use to create a new mask which I can open?
May 28, 2017  09:05 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: Not able to load brain masks
Fixed in previous release. The initial threshold estimation has been refined so it should detect these binary images reliably without requiring you to manually set the min and max intensity for the overlays.