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Jul 29, 2016  01:07 PM | Takahiko Mukaino - Kyushu university
Stuck at GenParaMesh
Hello, SPHARM experts!

Firstly thanks your team for providing the free tool for shape analysis. I'm looking forward to use this tool for my research.
But I'm new to SPHARM-PDM tool and got some error. Please help me solve problems.

Im using 3D slicer 4.5.0 and successfully installed SPHARM-PDM toolbox to Linux.
It seems OK to run Shape Analysis Module with the data from"SPHARM_Tutorial_Data_July2015," and got beautiful figures.

However,  when I try to run Shape Analysis Module with my own data, cannot get the "_pp_surf.vtk" and other data looks weird as well.

Log shows
".....GenParaMesh Error:terminate called after throwing an instance of itk::ImageFileReaderException
what(): /home/kitware/Dashboards/Nightly/S-450-E-b/SPHARM-PDM-build/ITKv4-install/include/ITK-4.7/itkImageFileReader.hxx:143:
Could not create IO object for reading file /net/raid_unit8/mnt/array1/share/mukaino/Slicer/Slicer-4.5.0-1-linux-amd64/subjects/2subjects_Pilot/Mesh/PostProcess/291960orig-label_1_pp.gipl.gz
The file doesnt exist....."

Could you help me solve this error?
I've attached the error log.

Best regards,

Takahiko Mukaino
Attachment: error_log.odt
Jan 30, 2017  01:01 PM | Beatriz Paniagua
RE: Stuck at GenParaMesh
Hi Takaihiko,

Can you tell us what is the content of the /net/raid_unit8/mnt/array1/share/mukaino/Slicer/Slicer-4.5.0-1-linux-amd64/subjects/2subjects_Pilot/EulerFiles/291960orig-label_1_euler.txt??
It seems it has gotten stuck without computing a lot of information, maybe is due to errors in your segmentation.

Thank you,