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Aug 1, 2016  09:08 AM | xiaoguang li
how to use the regTemplate correctly
I my project,I want to use a standard mesh to register all the images.So I use the regTemplate to solve my questions.
Before launching my project,i do an experiment to test how to use the regTemplate.I register two images in the experiment.
    First,I use the Image1 as the first Image.And after SPHARM-PDM running,I get two vtk meshs,which name are 1_procalign.vtk and 2_procalign.vtk.
    Second,I use Image2 as the first Image and also use the 1_procalign.vtk as the regTemplate.
In my opinion, the meshs of 1_procalign.vtk and 2_procalign.vtk in second experiment should have the same value as the first experiment.But i found there are different.
    So How to use the regTemplate correctly.
Jan 30, 2017  01:01 PM | Beatriz Paniagua
RE: how to use the regTemplate correctly
Hi Xiaoguang,

What is the program you use for the registration? Is it the MeshMath utility tool provided in the SPHARM-PDM package or you use another program that performs Procrustes algorithm?