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Sep 15, 2016  11:09 AM | esther blessing - New York University
dual regression output v1.13
Hi Florian,

My dual regression output folder contains the dr_stage1_ .. .txt files, and all the correct dr_stage2 .. files, but I failed to create the dr_stage3 files, and the all_dr_stage3 files. I looked at the dr logs and they seem to be identical to a previous run in which these files were created successfully. Any idea where I might look for the error? Many thanks!

Sep 24, 2016  06:09 AM | Tawfik Moher Alsady
RE: dual regression output v1.13
Dear Esther,
In the attached log files, namely drD step logs, I found the following error:
ERROR: Program failed
An exception has been thrown
number of rows in design matrix doesn't match number of "time points" in input data!
Would you please check your input or send us examples from the input and from stage 2 files.