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Sep 22, 2016  01:09 AM | Radhika Madhavan
Functional Brain atlas Shen 268 parcels

Do you have a list of brain regions describing the 268 brain parcels? Even a description at the level of which parcels are cortical/subcortical would be useful.

May 31, 2017  11:05 AM | Jaime Ide
RE: Functional Brain atlas Shen 268 parcels
Hi all,

Do you have any information/update regarding the description of the 268 brain parcels/nodes?

I also would appreciate knowing whether the network# in the file "shen_268_parcellation_networklabels.csv" correspond to the network number shown in Fig.1c of the paper Finn et al. (Nat. Neuroscience 2015). For example, node #25 (middle cingulate/SMA) belongs to network #4 which is described as the Subcortical-cerebellum network in Finn et al. I wonder if I missing some important information regarding how to use the atlas.

Thank you