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Oct 24, 2016  03:10 PM | Emily Belleau - McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Help with ART
Hello ART Experts,

I am new to ART, so my apologies if this is basic.

So, when you use the gui you need to upload your image file (the smoothed data, beginning with s from SPM) and the motion parameters (rp file from SPM). I am using a 4D Nifti file created by mricron.

I am running into the following error: Error using cat: Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.

Does this have something to do with me using a 4D Nifti file?

I would appreciate any guidance!


Feb 28, 2017  05:02 PM | Sreekrishna Ramakrishnapillai
RE: Help with ART
Make sure that the number of rows in the rp file is same as the number of 3D Volumes in your 4D Nifti