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Nov 22, 2016  07:11 PM | Luis Araujo
Subtractions and hyper or hypo clusters
Hi experts,

Thanks for the suggestions in the previous questions, they helped me understanding these methods.

For a bit of background: I took some pairs of ictal-interictal spects, analysed with ISAS BIS and later imported the diff/subtraction files into SPM in order to run a second-level analysis and check out areas that significantly changed using a one sample t-test. I centred MNI template to the anterior comissure and coregistered all the diffs to the template, as suggested.

On to a final follow up question. SPM pointed a few significant clusters in this analysis, and I got curious if with the approach I took I could find out if these clusters correspond to areas of hyperperfusion or hypoperfusion? Note that I am now talking about the diffs in the second-level analysis.

Is there any way of finding out the characteristics of these clusters? Are they representing hyper or hypoperfusion?