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Nov 27, 2016  04:11 AM | Christian Kaufmann
Dicom to Nifti / dcm2niix / Slice timing
Dear all,

is it possible to include DICOM slice time information (from Siemens MR) in Nifti file header? It might be possible with dcm2niix but I might have missed the right flag. Any advice is highly appreciated, thank you.
May 27, 2017  04:05 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Dicom to Nifti / dcm2niix / Slice timing
 dcm2niix with put the Siemens slice order information into the NIfTI slice_order tag. An exception to this is if your data was acquired with multiband, where the slice order can not be completely described by the 6 slice order options
In this case, you can look at the "SliceTiming" field of the BIDS json header to determine the order.