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Dec 2, 2016  09:12 AM | Olof Lindberg
shape analysis mancova
Dear Martin,
thanks ... former problem solved. However it  went wrong again with this message:

MetaObject: Read: MET_Read Failed
reading Mesh /home/olof/Desktop/SPHARM_DOCS/HC_L_amyloid/Mesh/SPHARM/12847241-39ef-437e-9454-ee79a7168244_hippocampus_left_roi_pp_surfSPHARM_procalign.vtk - .vtk
CellType required and not defined.

I did not see any problem in the shape analysis module - and I have my post-processed files. 

So what is causing this problem?

Dec 2, 2016  10:12 AM | Martin Styner
RE: shape analysis mancova
Hi Olof
The tool is old and needs the "old" mesh format, i.e. itk's meta surfaces. You will need to convert your vtk data to meta data (there is a tool called Vtk2Meta in the distribution for this purpose).