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Dec 28, 2016  03:12 PM | Cristian Padovano - "F. Ferrari" Hospital
Multiple sclerosis DTI datasets
Hi all!

I have the need to have a MS dti dataset for my tractography research, I have at the moment a few of exams but I need more and, sadly, the hospital isn't very helpful. You know an online dataset to download?
Thank you very much for help!
Mar 10, 2017  04:03 PM | Hanane Barrah - National School of applied sciences of Tangier, Morocco
RE: Multiple sclerosis DTI datasets
Hi Mr. Padovano,
I am so interested on this post, because I am working on the segmentation of MS lesions from MRI data. Currently I am using the Brainweb simulator ( to generate synthetic data. I am looking for real images to validate my method, so I will be pleased if you can share any information.
I think this site (http:\\ can be helpful for you.
Thank you.
Jan 4, 2023  09:01 PM | Mitul NA
RE: Multiple sclerosis DTI datasets
Hi Sir, 
How are you?
Actually I am working on Multiple Sclerosis and need DTI or HARDI Dataset to proceed with my findings
Have you got any DTI Dataset of Multiple Sclerosis?
Then please share it with me.