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Jun 21, 2017  07:06 AM | Andrew Merluzzi - University of Wisconsin - Madison
ICBM Atlas with WFU-PickAtlas
Hi all!

I'm interested in using the ICBM DTI atlas ( within the WFU package. I've been working through the WFU developer's manual, but I'm stuck with two problems. There was a thread on this a couple years ago, but it was never fully answered.

1) My ICBM white matter template (nifti_MNI_ICBM_DTI_81_WMPM.nii) is in the opposite anterior/posterior orientation as the MNI_T1.nii, for instance when I pull them both up via SPM's check registration function. Does anyone know how to fix that?

2) Once I've done that, I'm envisioning having trouble reslicing the ICBM image to match the T1 image in terms of dimensions. I've consulted the pickatlas developer's manual, and my two images are in different dimensions, e.g. 1mm vs 2mm (see attached image for the matlab output). All that the manual says is: "If you receive a message similar to the one below, then you should reslice your images to the template. Be sure to use nearest neighbor interpolation in your reslice." Additionally, what do you suggest as the best way to register the ICBM image onto the T1?

Maybe someone has solved these issues? Or figured out a better way to create ROI's using the ICBM white matter atlas separate from the WFU-pickatlas? Any and all advice would be appreciated!