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Jul 11, 2017  06:07 AM | haobo zhang
Peak voxels after statistical analysis
Dear Zaixu and other PANDA experts:

I have been learning PANDA, and find it quite a handy tool for DTI processing. I have a question on the reports after statistical analysis.

After statistical analysis for the TBSS-based FA images, I would like to get a report on the peak voxels within the suprathreshold cluster, including the MNI coordinates and voxel-wise T/p values. It appears that the utility in PANDA - Cluster Locater does not provide such information. Could you please give me some advice on which tool to use for that purpose? Also, I wonder if you would like to consider to add this to the new PANDA?

Many thanks!

Best regards,

School of Psychology and Sociology
Shenzhen University
Jul 18, 2017  01:07 AM | Zaixu Cui
RE: Peak voxels after statistical analysis
Dear Haobo,

Thank you for your interest in PANDA.

When you display results, PANDA will create a *_SigIndex.nii.gz, which is a mask of significant regions. In this map, if there are four regions, the value of each region will be 1, 2, 3, 4.
You should first binarize this mask image, to make is a binary map.
You can use this binary map to multiply the t map to extract the t values of significant voxels.
Then you can use other softwares to find the peak voxels, for example, REST, xjview.

If you have any problems, you can contact me. You can send me email, so that I can receive the message immediately.

Please cite PANDA's paper when you writes paper, thank you very much.

Best wishes