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Aug 9, 2017  12:08 PM | Andrew Jahn
Displaying Range of DTI Values

I'm trying to use SurfIce to display tract results output by FSL (e.g., significant FA values in the corpus callosum). I can view it fine through one of the templates by converting the voxelwise volume to a mesh and then adjusting the XRay values; however, the tract results appear as one undifferentiated blob (i.e., it's all the same color). Is there any way to convert it to a mesh but keep the original values, in order to display the range of values similar to projecting volumetric results onto the surface?

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Dec 5, 2017  05:12 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Displaying Range of DTI Values
  I would suggest that you use MRIcroGL to view scalar values like FA and MD. MRIcroGL is a volume renderer, so it is great when you want to visualize how these values differ across different locations in the brain. On the other hand, Surf Ice is a surface renderer, which attempts to show what the surface of an object looks like, not its interior volume. Surf Ice is good for showing tracts (streamlines inside a volume) and values that differ across the surface of a brain (e.g. gray matter depth or statistical significance for a functional imaging task). On the other hand, we expect MD/FA to differ between the surface and internal structures.