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Aug 15, 2017  08:08 PM | christian666
Hide Crosshair
Dear Chris,
first of all: mricroGL an outstanding tool for neuroimaging data presentation and I love to use it. Great work and many thanks for that.
Up to now, I used an older version of mricrogl for fMRI display purposes, where I was able to hide the crosshairs in the multi planar view by using the XBARTHICK script command. When I checked out the most recent version 14-July-2017 it seems to me that the XBARTHICK command doesn't affect the crosshair thickness anymore (while the script produces no error message). How can I hide the crosshair in this latest version? 
Thanks a lot
Dec 19, 2017  07:12 PM | Kaitlin Cassady - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
RE: Hide Crosshair
I also have this same question!

Dec 20, 2017  07:12 PM | Kaitlin Cassady - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
RE: Hide Crosshair
Hi Christian,

I'm running into the same problems with the crosshair. I haven't been able to figure it out, and I haven't heard back from the developers on how to fix this issue. Which older version of MRIcroGL were you running in which the crosshair function worked? I'd like to know so that I can download that version too.

Feb 26, 2018  10:02 AM | ama
RE: Hide Crosshair

I am experiencing the exact same problem. I've tried older 2017 versions, however, the xbarthick(0) command fails to hide the crossair. Has anybody figured out how to solve this problem? Which available version allows to hide the crosshair?

Thank you very much!
Feb 26, 2018  11:02 AM | christian666
RE: Hide Crosshair
I am able to hide the crosshair with MRICROGL version 12/12/12 using the XBARTHICK command. Unfortunately, I still doesn't know about any solutions for newer versions.

best regards
Feb 26, 2018  04:02 PM | ama
RE: Hide Crosshair
Thanks a lot!
Best wishes,
Mar 2, 2018  09:03 AM | Milosz Krala
RE: Hide Crosshair
Hey everyone,

I experienced the same problem and found a solution that works fine for the version I use (30 Sept 2016).
You might want to try the following:

Locate and open the file "MRIcroGL64.ini" in the MRICroGL installation folder.
(You can also navigate to it with the Menu. Click "Help" -> "About" and then the "Abort"-Button. This will close the program and open the desired file.)

You will find four sections (BOOL, INT, RGBA255 and STR) with defined variables. Under the INT section, the last variable is called CrosshairThick. If you set its value to 0 and reload MRICroGL, the crosshair should be hidden.


Mar 9, 2018  12:03 PM | carolin wackerhagen - Charit√© Universit√§tsmedizin Berlin
RE: Hide Crosshair
Hey Milosz,

sounds like a great solution, thanks! Somehow, when I change the skript as you described, save it and re-open the program, the settigns appear to be the same again for the corsshair (changes back to 1), although when I change the crosshai colours, it works.
Do you have any idea how this happens and could be solved?

Would be great!

May 7, 2018  11:05 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: Hide Crosshair
If you download the latest pre-release
you will see that you can now set the line color and line width in the main tool panel

You can also do this with by selecting the View/Scripting menu item and writing a short script in the Pascal:

linecolor(192, 100, 222);

or Python:

import gl