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Sep 18, 2017  12:09 PM | Juha Pajula - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd / Tampere University of Technology
ISCtoolbox v2.1 analysis GUI error
There exists an GUI error with ISCtoolbox v2.1 with Matlab 2015a or newer. The error is connected to chenges how matlab draws figures.

Fix for the error is to download the attached fig file and replace the original delivered with ISCtoolbox releease v2.1 in ISCanalysis folder.
Attachment: ISCanalysis.fig
Dec 2, 2017  07:12 AM | Julian Gaviria - Unige
ISCtoolbox v2.1 analysis visuGUI error
It was fixed, thanks. Now I could run the analysis and it seems to work. But when I click the "Launch visu-GUI" button to see my results, I've got an error message that you mentioned in the "KnownMatlabErrors.wiki":
Error using get
There is no Behavior property on the UIControl class

Such as happened in the previous error, I guess it is related to "changes how matlab draws figures". My MATLAB version is 2015b.
Thanks in advance for your comments and work on this regard.
Best regards,
Jan 15, 2018  01:01 AM | Nobody
RE: ISCtoolbox v2.1 analysis visuGUI error
Perfect, thank you