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Sep 20, 2017  04:09 AM | tanu wadhera
ABIDE dataset
Hi maarten mennes 

I need to have access to ABIDE dataset as my ph.d work is on AUTISM. It is protected database. I have put request for access.
Please tell me how to download it.

Sep 20, 2017  04:09 AM | Maarten Mennes
RE: ABIDE dataset
Hallo Tanu,

I have not seen your request for access. That said, I have added your username as a user, you should be good to go now.

Sep 20, 2017  06:09 AM | tanu wadhera
RE: ABIDE dataset
Hello maarten mennes

Thank you so much. 
I checked the same and started downloading the data and followed those 4 steps. 
And i have submitted the data request. saying "Upon page submission, the pertinent files will be reviewed and organized for download. Depending on the number of files, this may take several minutes to process"
But after clicking on this and waiting for long there is nothing to download. It s
just shows "Download Images".

Please guide me in this.

Oct 13, 2017  07:10 PM | allayankouskaya - Liverpool Hope University
RE: ABIDE dataset
Dear Maarten,
I guess I have the same problem as Tanu. I am working with HFAD&AS and planning my fMRI study. However, before that I would like to look at functional connectivity data in ABIDE dataset. Could you kindly add my username to this project so I would be able to download data?
I am working with CONN for a while now. Will I be able to work with conn on this dataset or I will need to used connectome pipeline?

I apologise for too many questions.
Bes regards, 
Oct 21, 2017  10:10 AM | Xin Yang
ABIDE dataset application
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am doing some research of fMRI ASD. And I want to download some fMRI dataset from ABIDE. However I have no permission right now. I want to know how can I apply the permission to the dataset ?


Xin Yang
Oct 24, 2017  12:10 AM | Mavis Gezimati - VIT university
RE: ABIDE dataset
Dear Maarten 

Iam also facing the same challenge as Tanu. 
May you kindly assist.