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Sep 27, 2017  04:09 AM | Olof Lindberg
Dear Martin and Beatriz,

I running the shape-tool again and let me start with express my enthusiasm about your latest version. Very nice to be able to follow the progress of the program in Slicer,
 and also that the program now go on to the next image if problem occurs.

I am still however using the old mancova_Wizard  - and I need to run the VTK2meta

for some reason my script is not working  ... and I need to do it by script as I have around 1000 vtk files

How should the script look?

Sep 29, 2017  01:09 AM | Olof Lindberg
RE: VTK2meta
Dear Martin and Beatriz, 

problems with VTK2meta solved.
Sep 29, 2017  05:09 AM | Beatriz Paniagua
RE: VTK2meta
Hi Olof,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I am glad to hear you resolved things.

we have ported our user forum to Discourse
SPHARM-PDM is still being disseminated as Slicer extension, but also as part of SlicerSALT

For future inquiries, please ask in this new venue.
Thank you,