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Oct 7, 2017  07:10 AM | mayribeth
read set of images in nifti format
Hello !!!

I'm looking for some library to read this kind of .nii images in c ++.

I have not had success, I hope they can give me some support. I really need it.

Oct 13, 2017  12:10 PM | Richard Reynolds
RE: read set of images in nifti format

There is an old version of the NIFTI C-library (which should
build under C++) in the NIFTI repository here:


See Downloads -> nifticlib-2.0.0

For a more current version that includes NIFTI-2, see
the upstream AFNI package, where nifticlib resides:


Within that package see the tree afni_src/nifti, under
which is niftilib and nifti2, for example.

- rick