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Oct 8, 2017  06:10 PM | josueavecillas
colormap not registered
Hi, I would like to know if you have a colormap sequence registered with the meant1. 

The one that is included in the files is not registered withe structural sequence. 

Thank you
Oct 9, 2017  02:10 PM | Konstantinos Arfanakis - Illinois Institute of Technology
RE: colormap not registered
Hi josueavecillas,

Depending on which visualization software you use to display the IITmean_colormap_256.tif, you may need to left-right mirror it in order to match the IITmean_t1_256.nii.gz. That should do the trick.
Having said that, there is a better alternative to using the IITmean_colormap_256.tif, which as a tiff image, it does not work with software such as FSL or ITK-snap. You can use IITmean_FA_256.nii.gz along with IITmean_V1_256.nii.gz to get the same color map. For example, if you open both of these images in FSL, then highlight the IITmean_V1_256.nii.gz filename in the bottom right window, then click on the circle with the "i" in the bottom of the window, then in the window that pops up go to DTI display options and select Display as: RGB, and for Modulation select IITmean_FA_256, that should give you a nice color map. If you now also open the IITmean_t1_256.nii.gz and send it to the background, you will have the colormap perfectly overlaid on the T1.

I hope this helps.
Please let us know if you have any more questions.