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Oct 12, 2017  03:10 PM | Sebastian Rodrigo - Paris-Descartes University
overlay stat map
Dear Surf Ice guru,

I try to overlay some fMRI Zstat map generated by Feat (FSL). Surf Ice could load a map on surface only from the FSL stat folder (such as zstat1.nii.gz for example) and failed with thresh_zstat1.nii.gz at the root of the Feat analysis folder. Surf Ice said "Error: no variability in overlay 0".
May be It could be related to the NIFTI field CAL_MAX & CAL_MIN. Those two fields are set to 0 in thresh_zstat1.nii.gz and seemingly correct values in zstat1.nii.gz. Are CAL_MAX & CAL_MIN fileds related to message error fo Surf Ice ? How can I corectly set those fields ? I could found a way to set it  with fsl tools to modify nifti header or create nifti header. I need to manipulate thresh_zstat1.nii.gz to apply registration matrix to the volume used to generate the surface file.

Best regards