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Oct 13, 2017  06:10 AM | Han Zhang
overlay unavoidably overlap with each other
Hi, I have a question when using this software to visualize a brain parcellation result. 
The parcellation involves several volumetic clusters which jointly cover the whole brain but does not overlap with each other.

When I use ih.curv and overlay all the parcellation clusters, neighboring clusters have overlap in the border.  And the color become merged (red + yellow = orange).
How can I avoid such unnecessary overlap?    A possible way I can thought of is making the overlay transparent to each other, which at least can make overlap disappears. 
But I cannot find that option like the one in MRIcron.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
Dec 5, 2017  05:12 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: overlay unavoidably overlap with each other
  I suspect the issue is that you have "Smooth voxel-based images" checked on the preferences. I would uncheck this. In general, it is better to load images that are not thresholded (artificially surrounded by zeros), as this makes it hard to interpolate the accurate vertex value from neighboring voxels. Please see the MediaWiki for more details.