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Oct 15, 2017  12:10 AM | June Kang
Surfstat Application
In Statistical Analysis, The usage of SurfStat is described as below.

For more complicated statistical models, we suggest that SurfStat [Worsley2008] should be considered. Surfstat is a free software tool which performs statistical analysis of univariate and multivariate surface and volumetric data using linear mixed effects models and random field theory. Since SurfStat is also matlab-based, it is straightforward to integrate SurfStat with SPHARM-MAT for statistical surface analysis. For example, one can first use SPHARM-MAT to model and align surfaces and extract surface signals, and then use SurfStat for statistical inference on the surface.

I have a dataset processed using all SPHARM-PDM pipeline of SPHARM-MAT.
Is there any information that How I should proceed to surfstat analysis?

The coef structure calculated from SPHARM-MAT (Using SPHARM-PDM pipeline) is completely different from described in below,

I am looking for the way to convert mat or vtk+coef to applicable in surfstat.