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Nov 19, 2017  02:11 AM | Larry Lai
Centos 7.4 and FSL installation
Dear experts

Should I move the FSL installation from "default" /usr/local/fsl to /opt/software for PANDA?

Thank you for considering my request!

# python
--- FSL Installer - Version 3.0.10 ---
When asked a question, the default answer is given in square brackets.
Hit the Enter key to accept this default answer.
[OK] Installer is up-to-date.
Where would you like the FSL install to be (including the FSL folder name)? [/usr/local/fsl]:
Checking FSL package
[OK] File downloaded
Installing FSL software version 5.0.10...
[OK] FSL software installed.
To use FSLView please install the PNG12 and MNG libraries with: sudo yum install libpng12 libmng
Performing post install tasks
Stage 1
By installing this python distribution you agree to the license terms in
Stage 2
/usr/bin/env: bash -x: No such file or directory
Post install setup failed
[OK] Post installation setup complete

Best wishes
Dec 1, 2017  11:12 AM | Zaixu Cui
RE: Centos 7.4 and FSL installation
No, you don't need to do that.
Any installation folder is OK.

Dec 2, 2017  07:12 AM | Larry Lai
RE: Centos 7.4 and FSL installation
Hi Zaixu

Got it, thanks a lot.