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Dec 5, 2017  01:12 PM | Keith Jamison
ABIDE pre-processed slice timing information?
For ABIDE1 preprocessing, the pipeline_config.yml ( suggests it is set to "Use NIFTI header" for the slice timing info. My understanding is that this means the "slice_code" flag, but in the ABIDE1 preprocessed and raw time series NIFTI files I've downloaded, that flag is set to "0 " meaning "unknown". Is there some other location where that info is available?  Furthermore, even if the flag is available and indicates, for instance, ascending sequential slices, couldn't there be "dead time" within each TR that means slices were not simply spaced by TR/numslices?  Can anyone confirm that slice-timing correction was actually performed in a valid manner on the released preprocessed data?

Similarly, for ABIDE2 raw data, the "slice_code" flag appears to be "0" for all resting state nifti files. Given that some of the acquisitions use multi-band anyway, I suspect this nifti header would be insufficient for doing the correction. What is the recommendation for slice-timing correction under these circumstances?