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Dec 6, 2017  01:12 AM | Julian Gaviria - Unige
Problems with the visualization GUI
Hi everyone,

I wonder whether someone else has experienced problems with the visuGUI option. Such as occurred with the Start-up GUI, I've got some problems due to the way how newer MATLAB versions draw the images. Thanks to Juha Pajula, the bug was efficiently fixed. I assume it might be the same case with the visuGui option, since I have MATLAB 2015b. The point is that I do not know how to solve it. Anny suggestion on this regard?

Problem: THe GUI batch does not displays, and I get the next error message in the MATLAB workspace:
Error using get
There is no Behavior property on the UIControl class

Thanks in advance for any comment on this regard.
Dec 6, 2017  01:12 AM | Julian Gaviria - Unige
Problems with the visualization GUI
Just to clarify,

this error appears in the KnownMatlabErrors. The solution would be replacing two files, fMRI_GUI_export.m and getParams.m (from visGUI folder). But once again, these files are not available neither in the google code website nor in the new repository from the nitrc homepage.

Best regards
Dec 22, 2017  04:12 AM | Julian Gaviria - Unige
RE: Problems with the visualization GUI
Hello everyone,

The problem came from the toolbox's version I was using. Thanks to  Jukka-Pekka, I could found the latest version of the toolbox:

In the toolbox page go to: -> source code -> [Download The Nightly SVN Tree Snapshot]

Then you will be able to run your analysis without problems related to the GUI.

Best regards,