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Dec 6, 2017  10:12 PM | Amritha Harikumar - San Diego State University
NIAK Pipeline : Motion Data for ADHD-200

I am using the ABIDE and ADHD-200 pre-processed NIAK pipeline data for my master's thesis. As such, I would like to match the motion data (e.g. mean FD values) to make sure subjects in both groups are equally grouped on similar mean FD values. However, I am unable to locate this info for the ADHD-200 data. In the ABIDE database, it is listed under a column labeled 'mean FD'. I do not see the same for the ADHD-200. I looked through the motion data files for the NIAK pipeline in ADHD-200, and only located the matlab, .csv and pdf files for each subject. Please help me on locating the mean FD values for the ADHD-200 subjects. Thank you!