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Jan 8, 2018  06:01 AM | Nobody
Subjects source files

I understand that you need to give the absolute paths of the subject source files to the textbox of the GUI. One subject on each line. However, when I open the GUI (vers. 2.1, Matlab 2017a) there does not appear a textbox for such? See attached file.

Am I missing something really obvious??  (in such case, sorry for the inconvenicence) 


Attachment: GUI.png
Jan 9, 2018  06:01 AM | Julian Gaviria - Unige
RE: Subjects source files
HI Sigurd,

I faced the same problem the last year. It is related to how newer MATLAB versions draw images. Please have a look on the post of Oct 31, 2017. You will find the new version of a file that you are missing.

Best regards,