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Jan 11, 2018  03:01 PM | Laura Mancini - UCLH NHS FT
strange dki maps

I am new to kurtosis analysis.
I have installed dke, and it runs properly on the example dataset, obtaining maps similar to the example maps available on the website.

My acquisition has: 60 directions with b=2500, 30 directions with b=1800, 30 directions with b=700 and 10 directions with b=300.
I have done the preprocessing with topup (from fsl)
I have then averaged the b=0 images ad put the average as the first volume of the 4D nifti file.
I have transposed the bvecs file, and created a bvec for each different b value. runs without error messages and it creates some maps
the maps obtained with the dti module look normal, but those created with the dki model have larger values in gray matter and smaller values in white matter, they look very odd to me (my understanding is that the dmean and fa should look very similar when obtained with dti or with dki).
I am attaching a picture to show the dmean maps.

Below are the parameters that I used when running

Have you got any idea of what the problem could be?
Is there some parameter I can change when running

Many thanks
Jan 12, 2018  09:01 AM | Laura Mancini - UCLH NHS FT
RE: strange dki maps

never mind, I found what was the problem, there had been an issue with the acquired data not with the processing...