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Jan 25, 2018  02:01 PM | Avital Sternin
Data dimensions differ from template

When I try to validate parameters I get this error:
Data size does not match known templates 91x109x91 (2mm) or 182x218x182 (1mm)!
Validation failed.

because the dimensions of my data are 79 95 79

What would be the appropriate way of addressing this issue with the ISC toolbox?
Thank you
Feb 21, 2018  11:02 AM | Juha Pajula - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd / Tampere University of Technology
RE: Data dimensions differ from template

If you are not using data registered to standard MNI-152 1mm or 2mm (FSL templates) space, you must give a custom brain mask for your data which matches to your data. The brain mask can be in nii or mat format and it must include only 1 (brain) and 0 (background) values.

-Juha Pajula