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Feb 7, 2018  09:02 AM | magan

I've been trying to download the IIT mean DTI template but it's saying data not found. If I try to download it together with the white matter atlas, the page just goes blank. Just wondering what's going on here....

Feb 7, 2018  03:02 PM | Konstantinos Arfanakis - Illinois Institute of Technology
RE: Downloads
This must have been an NITRC hiccup. I just tried the same downloads and they work. Please give it another try and let us know if you continue having problems.

Feb 8, 2018  08:02 AM | magan
RE: Downloads
Thanks for checking it out but I still can't download it. And it's saying the files could not be found.
Feb 8, 2018  09:02 AM | magan
RE: Downloads
OK, it looks like the problem is that files are too large that I have to download it one by one.

Thank you!