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Feb 15, 2018  07:02 AM | lucgar
Motion artifacts and physiological noise modelling
Dear all,

I am currently preprocessing and preparing my data for the use of ISC analysis and I was wondering if ICA-based head motion correction (e.g. ICA-AROMA) and physiological noise modelling using e.g. FSL PNM would be applicable.

It is argued in the FSL user guide that physiological noise modelling via the use of PNM would for instance not be compatible with permutation-based first-level analyses (however not a problem with higher-level analyses): "Since randomise currently cannot account for time-series autocorrelations (it invalids the exchangeability) it is not possible to use PNM with randomise." (fsl fmrib ox ac uk/fsl/fslwiki/PNM/UserGuide)

So this made me wonder if PNM were still compatible with the permutation-based ISC analysis.

I would be really grateful for your thoughts on that!