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May 23, 2018  06:05 PM | Huiling Peng
DKI with opposite phase encoding direction
Hi, I am trying to implement the long version of DKI protocol (2.7 mm cubic) on my Siemens Tim Trio system. I noticed the DKI1 and DKI2 have exactly the same parameters. Is it fine to acquire them with opposite phase encoding directions so I can correct for susceptibility distortion?

May 23, 2018  10:05 PM | Emilie McKinnon - MUSC
RE: DKI with opposite phase encoding direction
Hi Huiling,

You could do that. Note that to correct for susceptibility distortion acquiring a couple B0s in the reverse phase encoding direction is sufficient. Acquiring the whole set in reverse phase encoding is useful to correct for eddy current distortions, however these are minimal when using the bipolar diffusion encoding gradients ( which are standard on the Tim Trio).