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Jul 18, 2018  11:07 AM | Sarahi Rosas
GLISTR 3.1.1 install problem dependencies
I have installed almost everything: ITK, FSL, with many problems due to uncompatibility  of gcc versions etc but I can not install HOPSPACK_main_threaded the precompiled binary file neither from source. it sends the next message:

:/usr/local/bin$ ./HOPSPACK_main_threaded
./HOPSPACK_main_threaded: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have tried different things, the library exists, it is in different paths, one of them: /usr/lib/ another: /home/sarahi/anaconda3/lib/

If sime one has some suggestions of how to install this software, I have the manual but it is not enought, thank you in advance.

I am working in ubuntu 16.04
Aug 1, 2018  01:08 AM | panda sunny
GLISTR 3.1.1 install problem dependencies
When I am installing the HOPSPACK 2.0.2, I met with the error. I have generate the lapack and blas libs with the 'make lib' command. Could some help me?
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