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Aug 9, 2018  10:08 AM | Daniel Berge - Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM)
re-run denoising and first-level for individual subjects
Dear experts,
   After running the first-level analysis I realized that a few subjects were incorrectly preprocessed. I already preprocessed them individually, but I was wondering if there is a way to re-run the denoising and first-level individually for these subjects (I know this option exists for the preprocessing steps, but I have not seen it for the denoising and first-level steps).
  I already know that a workaround would be to add them as new subjects and then do not take the old ones into consideration creating a 2nd level covariate, but there might be another way other than re-run the full process for all subjects: maybe remove the denoised and first-level files for these subjects? Anyone knows exactly which files are these and if this strategy should work or not?

Thanks in advance
Aug 14, 2018  11:08 AM | Julian Dronse
RE: re-run denoising and first-level for individual subjects
Hi Daniel,

when you click "Done" in the Denoising or first-level tab a window pops up (see attached image) where you can simply unselect "All subjects" and manually specifiy which subjects and conditions etc. to process

Best wishes,

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