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Sep 26, 2018  05:09 AM | Emily Belleau - McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Converting to 3D First Prior to 4D

I was wondering if you are still able to convert to 3d and then go from 3d to 4d using dcm2niix?

I like to take out the first few images that are collected prior to analysis to allow for scanner stabilization.

Is there a way to do this in dcm2niix like you could with dcm2nii?


Sep 26, 2018  06:09 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Converting to 3D First Prior to 4D
These features do not exist in dcm2niix. If you are using Linux or MacOS, I would suggest you use fslmerge, fslsplit, fslroi. You are using Windows, you could use an old copy of dcm2nii for these functions (its also worth keeping dcm2nii around if you are dealing with archival datasets that predate DICOM, e.g. proprietary GE, Siemens formats). I would not use dcm2nii for modern DICOM images - the vendors are constantly updating their interpretation of the DICOM standard and so there is an arms race to support the latest features. My development efforts have shifted from dcm2nii to dcm2niix.