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Sep 27, 2018  03:09 AM | David Kennedy
Best online MRI tutorial?
I was recently asked: "I am interested in the practice of neuroimaging and how it works. [A] problem is that I do not have any background in neuroimaging, and I am at an institution without any significant facilities or relevant personnel. What resources, be they in the physics of the scans, the statistics, or something else, would you recommend to a student interested in this field?"
I didn't know a good answer off the top of my head, and wondered if the NITRC forum could help me compile some resources?

Sep 27, 2018  05:09 AM | Sebastien Tourbier - University Hospital of Lausanne
RE: Best online MRI tutorial?
Hi David,

I would highly recommend courses provided @
These courses are very interactive and helped me a lot when I was introduced to MRI physics as an image processing engineer.
If I remember well, as soon as you create an account, all contents is freely accessible.

Best regards,

Sep 27, 2018  05:09 AM | Li Shen - University of Pennsylvania
RE: Best online MRI tutorial?
Hi David,

MICCAI student board runs an Educational Challenge. They have a library of tutorial materials available at You may find some of those relevant to your question.


Sep 27, 2018  09:09 AM | Randolph Andrews - ADM Diagnostics, LLC
Best online MRI tutorial?
I have found that Khan Academy contributions often serve as an excellent
jumping off point (the following link being a good case in point)


This video describes an excellent overview of MR physics (about 8 minutes).
Jargon does come at you fairly quickly, but you can pause and/or replay as
you start to explore sub-topics like high/low energy states, precession,
spin lattice relaxation, etc.

There are many other videos on other topics like what a patient can expect,
or even full lectures like the following by a faculty member at WUSTL (see:



Hope this helps

Oct 1, 2018  05:10 AM | Ilknur Icke - boston univ.
RE: Best online MRI tutorial?
The imaios course mentioned by Seb looks great.

There is also a series of video lectures from Albert Einstein College of Medicine on Youtube that seems to be very popular:
Jan 7, 2019  06:01 AM | Matthews Danna
RE: Best online MRI tutorial?
Hi David,
You can find some useful support here.
https :// http://www. med-ed.
Hopefully, it can help you some more!