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Oct 11, 2018  06:10 AM | Fan Jiachen
How to convert dicoms into just one comprssed NifTi ?
Dear all ,

I am a graduate student from Southeast University .I found it difficult to convert Philips ingenia MRI dicom (EPI,DTI) into just one compressed Nifti.I used MRIConvert and mricron ( whcih has dcm2nii tool ) and I have also tried dcm2niix in both  windows and linux system, which is inclued in mricrogl .However ,these tools were failed . I can't convert my dicoms into just one Nifti . For example ,when I convert my EPI dicoms (8275 images) into compressed FSL (4D NifTi nii) ,dcm2nii outputs 26 Niftis.Besides it needs lots of time and sometimes my dcm2nii will crash when converting dicoms . It is correct to convert T1 3D dicoms into compressed NifTi .I hope you can give my some suggestions .Thank you.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


Nov 22, 2018  05:11 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: How to convert dicoms into just one comprssed NifTi ?
  The Philips MRI format has changed a lot since development moved from dcm2nii to dcm2niix - I would heed the warning you see every time you run dcm2nii to move to dcm2niix. I would make sure you are using the latest version of dcm2niix - you can get it from
or if you prefer a graphical interface you can get dcm2niix with MRIcroGL

I suspect using a modern version will fix your issue, but if not you should post an issue on the Github dcm2niix page.