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Dec 17, 2018  07:12 AM | Rubens Cury
Brain image
Dear colleagues,

I'm trying to use the Surf Ice as a tool to represent the connectivity data from LEAD-DBS.

But when I open it, it appears a 3D triangle, instead of a Brain. How can I proceed?
i.e., I want that the data are merged in a brain representation, not a triangle...

Thank you
Rubens Cury
Dec 17, 2018  07:12 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Brain image
First, can you upgrade to v1.0.20181114. This newer version will show a trefoil knot instead of a pyramid when it can not find any images. You did not mention which operating system you are using (MacOS, Linux or Windows), but I am going to guess you are using a version of MacOS with Gatekeeper Path Randomization enabled. All you have to do is drag and drop one of the .mz3 files that is included with Surfice onto the software, and it will know where the default images are stored. For example, drag and drop the file "mni152_2009.mz3" onto Surfice and you should see a brain rendering. Once that is set, try out some of the scripts - for example Scripting/Python/fmri_mesh will show a functional overlay on top of a brain. 

You can also drag and drop meshes from any of your favorite tools - it reads GIfTI files (Caret, Connectome Workbench, SPM, etc), FreeSurfer and many other popular mesh formats.