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Jan 10, 2019  07:01 AM | rich316
NIRS_SPM Analysis and Scripting
Hello there,

I don't know if this question is against the rules of posting, but I am currently doing my PhD in Wales, and I have some data that I wish to analyse, but I'm running into some issues, but I don't understand it enough to fix and script.  

Nobody else in the department does NIRS research.  So, I was wondering if someone would be willing to sit down with me and go through the process of analysing the data and scripting it for/with me.  I'm willing to do this via TeamViewer or travel within the UK, provide cake, and pay a little financial gratitude.  I know it's a big ask, but I don't know quite what else to do as I need to get my head around this very quickly.

Data was collected with Artinis Systems Oxysoft, using an OXYMONIII.

Many thanks,
Jan 14, 2019  08:01 AM | luli - Ariel University
RE: NIRS_SPM Analysis and Scripting
Hi Rich,

I'm also starting to analyze data. We're using Brite23. I wonder if you've heard about Artinies' conference in May?
As far as I understood it will include some workshops.
I can meet you there and see how I can help. Though we made some progress and it feels like we know what we are doing, we haven't published yet.
Do you have Any experience with Matlab?
Let's stay in touch and see how can we solve this.

Jan 15, 2019  06:01 AM | Rohit Verma - All India Institute of Medical Sciences
RE: NIRS_SPM Analysis and Scripting
Dear Rich,

I am working with NIRx and can help if you have some questions regarding analysis or experiment design.

If you can tell me the format of file (.nirs or other) maybe I can help you to understand data analysis process through teamviewer.

best wishes,
Jan 15, 2019  08:01 AM | luli - Ariel University
RE: NIRS_SPM Analysis and Scripting

I will be thankful if I can join you through teamviewer or Skype .